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Continue your search:. Home Countries United Kingdom Accounting. Read more about studying a Accounting degree. Not sure if Accounting is for you? Read more about studying abroad in United Kingdom. Can you handle the weather in United Kingdom? Distance Learning Distance or online learning is a mode of study that allows students to study most or all of a course without attending at a campus-based institution.

Find online study programmes now. Courses No. In this module, first, you will get a brief overview of what cost accounting is all about and how it is relevant in the organizational scenario. Then, we will talk about cost terms and purpose. Next, you will learn about the cost volume profit analysis. Under that, you will learn about what is CVP, CVP model assumptions, an example of CVP model analysis, contribution margin ratio, the margin of safety and an example, and finally, the examples of cost accounting.

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The entire module will take you around 2 hours 4 minutes and you need to watch 17 videos. Then, we will look at a detailed example of a cost sheet. Next, you will learn about job costing, the limitations of job costing, and the examples of job costing.

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Then, we will talk about the batch costing, the binder in the batch costing example, and you will also go through the batch costing profitability example. Finally, you will learn about the activity-based costing, the examples of the activity-based costing, and the volume of the cost driver.

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This module will take you 2 hours 7 minutes and you need to watch 21 videos in total. Then, we will go in detail about the cost allocation. You will learn the steps for the cost allocation, the indirect cost, the basis of apportionment, and the example of the basis of apportionment. Next, we will talk about the allocation of the service department cost, the method of the re-apportionment cost, direct re-distribution method, the examples of the step-down method, etc. And finally, we will talk about profitability analysis.

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The entire module will take around 3 hours 16 minutes and you need to watch 20 videos in total. Then, you will learn about the relevant cost in and also the non-relevant costing in the marginal costing. Then, we will look at a practical example of the relevant costing.

Next, we will look at the opportunity cost, the concept and the example of the opportunity cost, the cost concept, an example of the cost concept, break-even analysis, target profit analysis etc. Finally, you will learn about the impact of the realization value and the route of the maintenance cost, different types of cost indifferences etc.

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You need to invest around 4 hours 7 minutes and you need to watch 31 videos in total. We will then understand the meaning and the principle of the process costing, the practical aspect of the process costing, the difference between the process costing and the job costing, and the process costing accounts. Then, we will go through a practical example.

Finally, we will understand the joint product and byproduct. You need to watch 26 videos and you need to invest around 4 hours 4 minutes.

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Cost Accounting Course — Certificate of Completion. How would this cost accounting training course benefit me?

Course Testimonials. Simple and clear Very detailed and nicely explained with application-based approach.! Linked Nachiket Burade. I love your way to explain in plane English the basic knowledge for this accounting course.

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This course has helped a lot especially for some of us without an accounting background and needed to understand the financials. These Journals will help me so much in my Masters course units in financial accounting. I am really excited about having this course for help on my college course. It was my go to when trying to understand the accounting course I took last semester in graduate school. Accounting Training for the rest of us! Like many of you, I know from experience that accounting can be difficult to understand. Textbooks can be difficult to read and give you more information than necessary to understand accounting concepts.

That is why I started MyAccountingCourse. My goal is to help you understand accounting principles by breaking down accounting concepts into everyday language, so you can understand them and learn faster— for free. Whether you want to become a CPA, bookkeeper, or just understand your business better, I have information about how to use your new accounting knowledge.

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