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Brazil Unemployment Rate Lower than Expected. Brazil Inflation Rate Dips Further to 3. Brazil Unexpectedly Cuts Rate by 50 Bps.

Brazil: Latin America Market [2019]

Brazil Trade Gap Narrows in June. Brazil Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged. Brazil Annual Inflation Rate Eases to 4. Brazil Trade Surplus Widens in May.

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Brazil Jobless Rate Rises to Week Ahead. Russia Cuts Key Rate to 6. Turkey Cuts Interest Rates by bps. Bank Indonesia Cuts Rates for 4th Month. Chile Cuts Interest Rate to 1. Singapore Inflation Rate Steady at 0. Housing Index.

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We Are Hiring. Services PMI. Business Confidence. Manufacturing PMI. Composite Pmi. Doing Business : Training for Reform - Brazil English Abstract Sixteenth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in economies, Doing Business covers 11 areas of business regulation. World Bank.

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Doing Business Washington, D. You are here. Altogether, 7, square kilometers 2, square miles of rainforest were felled during the first nine months of this year, an 85 percent increase over the same period last year.

The Amazon fires were a mere indicator of this massive amount of deforestation , as agribusiness and land grabbers burned away the dried downed trees, creating ash which helps fertilize grass to feed the cattle herds that will move in to replace the forests. Deforestation rates are rising rapidly again, for two reasons: it is a very profitable activity, and the government is doing little to stop it, say analysts.

Logging, land grabbing and mining, often carried out illegally on protected land, are making some unscrupulous operators very rich. So far, Bolsonaro has done next to nothing to inhibit their activities. Indeed, employees working for IBAMA have told Mongabay on condition of anonymity that the government is encouraging land grabbers to deforest.

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A closer look at GLO helps back up their accusations. Which is why the army next shifted its base to the town of Novo Progresso, in southwest Altamira, much closer to most fires.


The main target of many illegal acts of burning occurring then was Jamanxim National Forest, a large protected area long targeted by land grabbers. Deforestation and the numbers of fires fell heavily at the time, but the gang survived. Some fell the forest, others extract and sell the valuable timber, and [still] others set fire to the vegetation and [then] plant pasture.

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  • It will then be worth a fortune. If necessary, the land grabbers can wait. Several pieces of evidence seem to indicate that the Bolsonaro administration, while anxious to put out fires and extinguish international outrage, is doing little to combat land speculation linked to deforestation, along with illegal mining, which also brings major environmental harm. On the contrary: IBAMA officials say confidentially that the government is sending clear signs that illegal activities should be tolerated by enforcers.

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    • This year, in that same month the first month of GLO and covering the same states, the number of fines fell to , with a total value of