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Image: Courtesy of Hobbytron. People often describe the presence of ghosts through feeling a sudden drop in temperature, or a " cold spot. The team of paranormal investigators on the SyFy show Ghost Hunters explains cold spots as ghosts drawing the heat out of the air so that they can manifest. Or it could just be the natural convection process of hot and cold air separating.

Image: Courtesy of Paranormal Research Tools.

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Infrared thermal imaging cameras show heat and temperature fluctuations. They display supposed "cold spots" that ghost hunters use as proof of paranormal presence.

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However, like the cold spots that digital thermometers find, the low-temperature areas these cameras pick up could be the result of convection, wind chill, poor insulation, or an air leak. If you want to try to take a shot of your spooky friend, you need a digital camera or camcorder modified to capture full-spectrum photos.

This is how ghost hunters claim to take photos of apparitions in infrared and UV light spectra. Apparitions appear as opaque orbs, mist, or smoke--all of which can be explained by normal camera tricks. The reflection of rain can create orbs in a photo, as can dust on the camera lens or reflections off of unnoticed shiny surfaces. Creating phony ghostly effects through photos has been a common practice throughout history. In the late 19th century, William Mumler , the first professional spirit photographer, created fake images using multiple exposures to make it look as if a spirit were present in the photo.

Today, anyone can create ghostly illusions using basic photo-editing software, such as Photoshop. The image here is a Photoshopped combination of two photos , with special effects added to give it a more realistic appearance. All Slides.

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Ghost-Hunting Tech. EVP Detector. White-Noise Generator.

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Sound-Editing Software. EMF Meter. Ion Generator. Digital Thermometer. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Full-Spectrum Digital Camera and Camcorder. Photo-Editing Software and Tricks. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. Ghost-Hunting Tech Ghost hunters, in their attempts to verify paranormal activity, rely on technology. EVP Detector An electronic voice phenomenon detector is a staple in any ghost hunters' toolkit.

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White-Noise Generator White-noise generators, which create a static sound by combining different audio frequencies, supposedly attract electronic voice phenomena when placed next to an EVP detector. Sound-Editing Software Once EVPs have been recorded, they must be reviewed through sound-editing software, such as Audacity shown here. Image: Courtesy of Audacity.

Fifty 50 different acupuncture points were measured using the Interro, a Computerized Acupuncture diagnostic device. December View Original Study with Data. Brown Original Study with Data. In a replication of the above study, Dr. The authentic Shield strengthened all 25 patients and the placebo shield strengthened no one. We did not ask for this testing to be done, but a customer called us and reported the results of her chiropractor using the QXCI machine to test the effectiveness of the Shield when a person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Here is the report:.

Pilot study conducted by Charles W. Brown, D. Results suggest a general weakening of muscle strength during exposure. The Bioelectric Shield mediated the stress generated by enhancing muscle strength bringing it back to, or higher than baseline, pre-exposure EMG strength levels.

Michael Borkin, N. In this informal study, heart rate was found to increase when subjects used a cell phone. Heart rate was stabilized when the subject put on a BioElectric Shield.

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January View Original Study with Data. There are many sources of electromagnetic radiation ELF : battery-operated devices, cell phone, TV remote, blow dryers, computers.

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These three devices all radiate hertz frequency waves. Twenty-five 25 patients were tested under 3 conditions:. June Original Study with Data. Results: In the two groups, 25 out of 25 people showed a drop in muscle strength.

All 25 regained their original level of muscle strength after placing a Shield on their chest for only one minute. Fifty 50 individuals were tested by an Occupational Therapist using a dynamometer, a device used in clinics to test finger or grip strength. October View Original Study with Data.

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Virginia Brown, an Occupational Therapist, was testing the claim from many customers that they felt physically stronger when wearing the Shield. Two measurements were taken to test this hypothesis. Initial baseline readings were taken. The subject then wore a Shield over their lower sternal region for one minute. Brown tested 25 subjects using a device called the Compufet, which produces a computerized reading of muscle activity and strength. It is accurate to.