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Quality You Can Depend On Our trained mechanics check your car for safety and let you know if it needs any additional service to be properly maintained. How do I know I need air conditioning service? We recommend checking your air conditioning system every spring. What does an air conditioning service include?


We inspect the drive belt for wear, visually inspect the system components for any obvious leaks or damage, check the operation of the compressor and advise you if any further repairs are needed. Our qualified mechanics use special equipment to evacuate the old refrigerant, vacuum test the system for leaks and recharge the system using the amount and type of refrigerant specified by the car manufacturer. A thorough check of your system can reveal potential problems that are easily repaired if found early but expensive to fix if the component fails. How do I know when I need a new air filter?

A good rule of thumb is to replace the filter every other oil change. There are two types of air filters in your car, a cabin air filter and an engine air filter. Why change the engine air filter? Keeping your components clean contributes to your engine running more efficiently.

A clean air filter allows uncontaminated air to pass freely into the combustion chamber of your engine.

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This also makes your engine run better, cleaner and use less gas. What about the cabin air filter? The air that passes through your climate control system is filtered for dust, pollen, mold spores and other particulates to keep your cabin clean and the air you breathe uncontaminated. A dirty filter puts stress on the climate components and does not effectively filter the air.

Our qualified mechanics will check your filters free of charge any time you are in for service. We replace your worn out filter with a clean new filter made for your car.

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Benefits A clean engine filter allows your engine to run efficiently and saves gas. A clean cabin filter lets you and your family breathe easy. How often should I bring my vehicle into Quality Tune-Up for brake repair? To avoid dangerous situations, it is important to adhere to routine brake service and brake maintenance.

We recommend having your brakes repaired and serviced by a professional mechanic at least once a year. At Quality Tune-Up, we take brake repair very seriously. What are the benefits of brake repair and brake maintenance? Brake repair is an important safety measure.

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Without properly working brakes, normal driving situations would take a turn for the worst. However, there are other benefits in getting routine brake service and brake repair. Changing your brake pads, when needed, saves wear on your rotors, which translates into less money spent down the line. No matter the service, from brake repair to tune ups, we are eager to have your vehicle running in its peak performance. What is a serpentine belt and when should I have it replaced?

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The serpentine belt should be replaced immediately when it begins to show signs of wear. The number one mechanical reason for roadside assistance is a broken serpentine belt. How does Quality Tune-Up help me avoid having my serpentine belt fail? Our trained mechanics visually inspect your serpentine belt every time you come in for routine service such as an oil change or scheduled maintenance. We will let you know when it needs to be changed. Benefits When your serpentine belt gets worn it no longer grips the pulleys of the components it drives properly.

Keeping your serpentine belt in good condition helps all of the components it drives work better and helps you avoid on the road breakdowns. When should I replace the coolant in my car? Most manufacturers recommend replacing the coolant periodically to avoid expensive repairs. Your service adviser can tell you when your car needs new coolant. Why does it need to be replaced? The coolant in your car keeps the engine cool during the summer months and keeps the fluid from freezing in the cold of winter.

The fluid naturally breaks down from constant use and no longer provides the protection you need. In addition the fluid becomes very corrosive and, if left unchanged, it will destroy the components of your cooling system. What does the coolant replacement service include? Our trained mechanics inspect the system for leaks and damage prior to replacing your fluid. We pressure test the system for leaks and to make sure your radiator cap is sealing correctly.

Because the serpentine belt drives the water pump we also check it for wear and replace it, if necessary, at an additional cost to the service. Here, an MAI panel is connected to a vacuum-pump assembly for testing. This project consisted of evaluation of pump replacement alternatives for District's largest 5 mgd sewer lift station , developing pump pre-purchase specifications and drawings, preparing engineer's construction cost estimate, developing sewage bypass plan, and design plans for installation of new pumps and new suction elbows and valves in Honda Civic: How to Replace Timing Belt and Water Pump.

Some auto centers offer credit card offers where they will provide you six months interest free financing, which can really help pay for an unexpected repair like this. If the temperature gauge was pegged and the car shut off, your water pump likely died.

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  • Thermocouple sensor tip not properly mounted, secured in the flame path; Thermocouple's indicating end not fully secured into the gas valve. Never had any problems with my Liberty. The belt will have stretched and getting the timing set exactly right is difficult. Ultraviolet UV water treatment works by exposing microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, giardia lamblia and more to UV radiation, via a special UV light bulb, which disrupts their DNA and disables their ability to replicate.

    Well worth the money! May put in a compressor later. I took it back to store Firestone complete auto care, lemay ferry rd.

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    • Reinstalling a used belt is not a good idea. Twice a year, we clean the sludge build up at the bottom of the basins. Get a few quotations as possible so you could compare the prices and the inclusions in the estimates. Two broad categories of roofs are flat and pitched. This means that the transmission fluid level will need to be topped up after the seal replacement. Air Compressors from Viair and Firestone are used by auto manufacturers, 4x4 off-road, sport air suspension, low riders, and more.

      The most common question we as a service facility usually hear is what exactly is a timing belt? Looking for a replacement compressor?


      We have replacement OEM compressors as well as standalone Firestone air compressors. It shouldn't cost more than an hour of labor plus parts to replace the water pump. If you are looking for a rugged liner at a great price our site is the place to be. It's possible you may need to replace your water pump.