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Our very Kiwi attitude sets us apart - relaxed, hassle-free, easy-going and, well, real! The lower half of the access road is completely legally Homelands private property, not State or County ownership! As time goes by, and the existing observatories remain "mothballed", pressure will just continue to grow on TMT, both from the financial and project costs delays, and from the other observatories and scientists demanding that they move to allow normal observing to resume. Hopefully, the TMT management will quit their stubbornness, fully comprehend the reality and necessity to "move on", and make the decision to relocate ASAP.

But Mauna Kea is higher and drier; it is the best site in the Northern Hemisphere.

Most of the planned science could still be done from La Palma, but because of the thicker atmosphere and higher humidity, observations would take longer, says Christophe Dumas, TMT observatory scientist and head of operations. Some science would not be possible from La Palma, Dumas adds, because of greater broadening of spectral lines by the thicker atmosphere.

At that time, an area was carved out for the observatories, with the remainder of the site set aside.

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The location of the TMT is outside the boundaries of the allowed region, and so naturally the people, who negotiated with the astronomical community in good faith, feel betrayed. As a compromise, the politicians have decided to decommission some of the telescopes within the allocated area, but only after the TMT is completed. Had they wished to abide by their original agreement, the TMT would have been located within the agreed-to area. By all appearances, the setting aside of some land for the use of the native religious community has devolved into a shell game, and the original agreement is out the window.

As a Jew, Muslim, or Christian, how would you feel about that? Personally, I would love to see the TMT built at a location where it can perform best, but only if it can be done in a moral and ethical manner. I see nothing in the behavior of the Hawaiian political leadership or in that of the TMT Corporation that can be characterized as either. Skip to main content. Search form Search this site:. Print This Page. The saga on Mauna Kea. Log in to post comments.

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My fellow Observers and Astronomers, Some or many of you may have heard of the epic struggle unfolding now between the forces in support of the Thirty Meter Telescope Project TMT , the State and County of Hawaii agencies and industry vs. Mike Linnolt. When I was. Updates July 16, Best wishes - clear skies, Stella.

Hawaii TMT: Desecrating sacred land or finding new frontiers?

Sadly, TMT is basically. Mahalo, Mike. Eric Dose. Another mass migration. Obs Site selection significance. CS HB. Now gaining international attention. Driving back from Kona this.

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A tragedy instigated by the TMT corporation : Mike. File upload:. Its time to Obey the Law. Is one of the things "America. American Foundation. Dear Gary, We work together. Thanks for the updates. Thanks for the updates Mike. Its great to hear that everyone is staying safe.

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Update Mon July Some really cold hearts in the world, we know that : Mike. A spot of Saddle Road weather. A spot of Saddle Road weather I see! There is an interesting piece on this subject on the BBC website Update Friday, July All telescope operations have been suspended. There are a number of companies offering these deals in New Zealand. These free or very cheap relocations are often only available from South to North ie Christchurch to Auckland for example But sometimes you can get lucky and get relocations from Queenstown, Wellington etc.

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