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It has an extra-long battery life since it only uses power when needed, but you can also purchase an AC adapter separately if you choose. Reviewers love the appearance of this trash can, as well as its impressive functionality. Most agree the motion sensor works great and say you only have to change the batteries once a year. Plus, several reviewers say this product has lasted them several years, making it a worthwhile investment. Swing top trash cans allow you to put items in without having to open or close a lid.

Our top choice for this category is the Sterilite This durable plastic kitchen trash can is rather plain, but it will get the job done and hold up well over time. This trash can has a gallon capacity, and it features a dual-action swing top lid.

The product is perfect for use in the kitchen or other areas of the home, and it fits standard gallon trash bags. Reviewers say this trash can takes up minimal space and keep their animals out of the trash. Plus, many reviewers said that it has stood up to several years of wear and tear.

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Butterfly top trash cans have split doors that open from the center, allowing them maximum clearance under low countertops. This stainless steel trash can is smaller than most with just an 8-gallon capacity. It has a silent-close butterfly lid, as well as a steel pedal that's engineered to last more than , steps. The slim profile of the trash can allows you to tuck it into narrow spaces, and the exterior is fingerprint resistant, making it ideal for families. Reviewers write that it's a wonderful trash can that not only looks great, but effectively blocks out smells, is easy to clean, and is incredibly durable.

If you have a large family, you know how frustrating it can be to have your trash can fill up in a day. No one wants to take out the garbage that often! This trash can has a semi-round shape that allows you to place it flat against the wall, and it's liter capacity holds significantly more trash than other models. Reviewers love this product, saying it holds the trash bag in place wonderfully and is easy to open and close via the pedal.

Many note that this kitchen trash can is incredibly spacious and keeps pets out while locking in unpleasant odors. What more could you ask for? If you live alone or have a small kitchen, you might not need a full gallon trash can. This product has all the features you'd expect from a simplehuman trash can—a stainless steel exterior, silent close lid, liner holder, durable pedal, and more.

The innovative split doors open from the center and allow you to tuck it into small spaces, so you can squeeze it underneath, in between, or right next to your kitchen cabinets. Reviewers can't say enough positive things about this model, noting that it's a well-designed product that locks in odor while keeping out pets. Our writers spent 2 hours researching the most popular kitchen trash cans on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 20 different trash cans overall, screened options from 8 different brands and manufacturers and read over 35 user reviews both positive and negative.

All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. The back of the lid may also attract dirt over time; this, too, varies with use, but is also solved with a few quick-cleaning swipes. Because this can closes more snugly than other cans, tossing hot, damp items into the trash may result in some condensation accumulating on the lid. This is an inherent trade-off of containing smells and keeping insects at bay.

We recommend letting your coffee filters sit and cool off for a while before you toss them. The bag-fitting features of the Rectangular Step Can work best with drawstring bags. If you are completely opposed to that style of garbage bag, this can will still work for you, but with a bit more work required to get the bag snugly around the bucket lid, with excess tucked away. Denting is something of a fact of life with stainless steel goods. Still, if you opt for the stainless steel lid, you will need to ensure nothing heavy is stationed above and nearby.

Its lid, while smooth in coming down, can be flung up too fast, or sometimes off the can, by strong stomps. But for the price, it stands up quite well to the rigors of trash duty. Three people who have used it for more than a year in their kitchens have no major complaints. The long 19 inches and narrow 10 inches shape gives this can more than the ability to fit in compact kitchens. Because it opens at its narrow front, the long depth gives it more stability when it is pressed open, even with little weight inside.

Nearly every other round plastic trash can we tested could be knocked over with just vigorous foot-pedal pressing. The wide sides assuming you can approach it from a side actually make for easier off-loading of a cutting board or dustpan than with our main pick. Both report that their bags cinch just-so inside the notched rim of the bucket, without having to tie off the bag and with no excess showing outside the can. The hand-snapped locking latch on the front of this can, the only one of its kind in our test, should keep dogs and kids out, even if they knock it over.

But your mileage, as with all things dogs and kids, may vary.

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  8. The lid can be opened quite rapidly by the pedal, and if really stomped, the top of the lid can hit a wall quite hard. The can itself, too, can be moved on its wheels with a hard press, possibly knocking the hinge back against the wall. Most plastic-lid cans similarly suffer from sudden pedal stomps; the difference with this can is that the closing is smoother. You can leave the lid open if you gently lift up on it while the foot pedal is depressed.

    The lid may fall if the can is bumped or the pedal pressed, but it works in a pinch. A few small demerits: Unlike with the Rectangular Step Can, the hinge on this model will not work well when placed directly against a wall. A small hinge in the back of the can could be a problem for fruit-fly—prone spaces. And the inside of the can has some bumps and notches that are somewhat annoying to clean around. For one thing, it is still a relatively sturdy and balanced step can at that price. More than anything, though, the Rubbermaid Step-On locks trash bags into place, making it easy to hide and remove bags, and it probably will keep you from overfilling them.

    Rather than use a floating or removable bag-holding rim, the Rubbermaid Step-On embeds retracting handles into each side, which you latch into place with your bag tucked around and under them. This works well with drawstring bags, and still works, with a bit more fuss, with other bag styles.

    DIY Pull Out Trash Can in a Kitchen Cabinet - How to

    Beyond that, the Rubbermaid is a solid, if not standout, plastic trash can. A gap in the rear hinge allows a small amount of air in, which could invite fruit flies. These Simplehuman liners are thick and capable, but they cost about twice as much as standard kitchen trash bags, which usually do the job fine. It has the same strengths a smooth step, a design that hides and snugly fits trash bags and weaknesses liner pockets that are more branding exercise than useful addition.

    We previously recommended a Hefty Touch Lid We used the Hefty Touch for a year as a recycling bin at a coworking space, and the hinge that holds down the lid has worn somewhat, making the lid easier to accidentally open. A survey of Wirecutter staffers found that most of them would opt for step cans, while a few would keep an open can in a closet.

    13 Best Kitchen Trash Cans | The Strategist | New York Magazine

    Almost nobody wanted to expose themselves to touching their garbage cans regularly. In testing, the pedal on this can was harder to clean around when stained with liquids. The can allowed our dog to easily smell treats inside and knock it over within five minutes. Wirecutter editor Nick Guy thought the faux metal on the lid drew unnecessary attention to its plastic design.

    Best Kitchen Trash Cans

    A liter butterfly step can may work for some narrow kitchen spaces. We did, despite our inherent doubts about cans that: require three or four C or D batteries to work; may not be easy to open when batteries are low or empty; and have not received great press. Battery life seems to vary greatly: Some get around 6 months , others nearly 3 years. But people who own them like them, based on thousands of Amazon reviews. Each of the sensor cans had significant problems.

    The finish of the iTouchless can shows discolored outlines of stains long after cleanup. Finally, the design of the iTouchless lid was such that dumping out dustpans or cuttings boards required some angling. For someone with trouble working a foot pedal, these cans may be worth trying. The motion-sensing opening did mostly work, although the 5 to 10 percent of miscues and false positives grated on us after two weeks. Most people should pass on these cans until the style matures a bit.

    But stepping on this can when it was nearly empty moved it quite a bit. It had the same slightly loose hinge as the slim black can, just without the other benefits. Fitting a standard bag on this can also left a lot of bag showing. It is a nice-looking can, slightly heftier than a Simplehuman, and the push-button operation is smooth and steady. The price is more than you need to pay for a great trash can. Trying to do this, though, resulted in a lot of can wobbling without guaranteed success.

    Among cheaper cans, we considered a well-reviewed swing-top model by Umbra and a few similar models in Swing-top cans, as mentioned, are inherently problematic once slightly full, or with odd-shaped trash. The Hefty is a few bucks more, but sturdier.