Largest deals in history

Horizontal drilling paired with hydraulic fracturing has transformed the United States from a natural gas importer into an export powerhouse.

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If the proposed projects land contracts and move forward, they will add thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of high-paying permanent jobs, and will create a much-needed outlet for the record Gentle said the deal with Petronet was the result of yearslong business relationships with executives with the Indian gas import company. Petronet was one of the first companies that we talked to.

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  • The Five Biggest Mergers in History.
  • The FDA recently awarded the company orphan drug designation for the development of Vioxx. With thousands of Americans popping fen-phen, the FDA also approved Redux, a chemical cousin with fewer side effects. But the dangers were still high.

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    Ultimately, the FDA pulled the drugs from the market after it was revealed that they were linked to serious heart valve defects. The criminal and civil lawsuits also alleged that GSK used false price reporting practices and failed to report certain safety data for the drugs.

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    The deal was the largest health care fraud settlement in history at the time and resulted in the largest fee paid by a pharma company. But in , the largest drug maker in Asia agreed to settle about 8, lawsuits claiming that it did and that the company hid the risks from patients. Throughout history, entrepreneurs have gambled on mergers and acquisitions, hoping that a savvy investment or deal will lead to vast profits.

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    • Even that sum is small change in though. In mergers and acquisition in the U. It seems buying up other companies is big business in its own right these days, as these recent blockbuster sales show. Both had recently been targeted by activist investors, as well as Wall Street hedge funds who wanted a quick buck.