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Wanna know how good they are? I ate them unheated, no butter, no nothing, just plain and thought they were the best thing ever.

I normally have to heat gluten free things and put a little something on them, but not these. I will definitely be reordering! This bread is the best gluten free bread I ever had!! The texture and consistency is phenomenal and no gritty aftertaste like others.


New grains gluten free bakery coupon Your discount will automatically be applied. Hi everyone! Let me know what you buy below!

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Additional information! I highly recommend the English muffins! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Search form.

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Of course, not all of the gluten-free items are in those sections so you still have to do some hunting and label reading. When shopping at Kroger gluten free and dairy free I always seek out the little stand in the bakery section with gluten-free bread. If I have a coupon or the bread is on sale, I stock up and freeze it. Gluten free bread is not cheap so any amount of savings really helps. These are so yummy with a dip or a bit of cheese! They also carry gluten-free Quaker Oats which is so great for oatmeal in the morning or making cookies.

In the cracker section we all love R. These are both gluten-free and dairy-free. These are NOT dairy free, however. My 4 year old said they taste just like cheez-its. Also at Kroger, Kind healthy grains bars, Larabars, and Lunabars. These are all gluten-free and most if not all are dairy-free as well.

Kroger has lots of gluten-free pastas, gluten-free and dairy-free gnocchi , and gluten-free taco shells that I love.

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In the Mac and Cheese aisle, I grab some Daiya dairy-free macaroni and cheese. This is gluten-free as well, but I have yet to enjoy dairy-free cheese.

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It is so creamy and delicious. Neither of these is dairy-free, however.

Kroger carries several varieties of gluten-free pizza in their freezer section. It has a gluten-free cauliflower crust and I actually loved it! Make sure to cook it until the crust is crisp. Next up on the gluten-free dairy-free Kroger shopping trip is dairy-free specific items.

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Most of their ice cream bars are also gluten-free, but the ice cream sandwiches are not. Not pictured is Immaculate Baking Co. So, there are a few reasons I love shopping at Kroger gluten free and dairy free other than their food offerings. One is the awesome coupons.

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I get a lot of coupons in the mail, some for free items! I also get coupons at the register. Most of the coupons I receive both in the mail and at the counter are for specific items I regularly buy. This is a great saving. I also load coupons to my Kroger plus card to tack on the savings.

Not credits or points, actual cash you get through PayPal or you put on gift cards to loads of places.