Police freebies and ethics

He said he was unaware of the prevalence of fast food discounts for police, and feared the publicity would cause damage to the force's reputation.

Freebies for Police Called "Thank You'

A McDonald's electronic register details a dedicated ''police promo'' button top right of picture attached offering discounts. The union's concern is no different to that expressed in the NZ Herald article by Chester Burrows, a former police officer and the then National Party spokesperson on police.

He said: "The idea of getting cheap anything because you are in a police uniform is just not on these days We considered them over the top in the circumstances with as many police deployed as picketers. They appeared to see it as their duty to stop our picket having any effect on the business of the company. Their actions were aggressive and provocative in my view. See attachedletter As someone who has been on more than my fair share of pickets and protests I was genuinely surprised and shocked by the aggressive tactics adopted.

We were lucky to avoid the police tactics provoking a more violent confrontation. When we found out about the discounts given to police staff we also though it appropriate to raise it as an issue with the company to avoid any hint of bias. I wrote to the company to say that we would like the company to terminate the provision of discounted or free food to police officers as being inappropriate in the current circumstances.

This issue arose with the Queensland police a few years ago. If it doesn't seem like that is something you'd really want out there, maybe you don't want to do it.

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Contact Tracey McManus at tmcmanus tampabay. Follow TroMcManus. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out. Special Reports. Photo Galleries. Connect with us. Police, fire rescue agencies' policies on accepting freebies vary widely. Load Comments. Obamacare still thrives in Florida, despite new hurdles. But the state is expected to lead the nation in enrollment, again. He and the first lady arrive rather quietly for Game 5, but when the president is shown on the video board at the end of the third inning, boos and the chant break out.

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California declares state of emergency over wildfires, winds. County acquires acres and other Pasco news.

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News and notes from Pasco County. When she became a disgruntled former employee, that list found its way to the local newspaper. There was no explanation on exactly how that was going to be accomplished while those officers were careening down a 2,foot vertical drop in nondescript ski jackets, pants and goggles.

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However, he conceded that it was his local cops, not the State Department of Environmental Conservation Police, who were receiving this bennie. I repeated my premise that the practice is not only unethical and improper but, in my opinion, is an embarrassment to the law enforcement profession as a whole. It is disgraceful the damage he caused to the reputation of not only his own agency but our honorable profession. For years, law enforcement has been striving to be considered a profession, not just a job.

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Most agencies demand their applicants or recruits have some level of college education, a measure by which some believe police work truly becomes a profession. Many states require their officers to earn CEUs to maintain that recertification, like other professionals.

But the practice of seeking or accepting freebies denigrates the professional image law enforcement has been striving to achieve and maintain. Just imagine how the cops in that upstate N.

Ethics In Law Enforcement Philosophy Essay

I know a few accountants, a handful of teachers and lawyers, one or two plumbers and insurance brokers, and a half dozen or so doctors. None of them expect to get kissed into plays, nightclubs or ballparks based solely on their profession. If the police chief of this particular N. Why is this resort offering me this free lift ticket? Some, like the chief, might want to hold on to the stale excuse that the resort wants police visibility.