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Posts: 5, Thanks: in 20 Posts 8 Achievements. So I've been waiting 3 weeks for this to be answered, and there's no "bump to the top" or "say this issue still exists" as far as I can see on here, so I'm reposting it hoping someone will have some info or a fix. Here's my issue: Now this is for patch 1. I've removed all my mods, but this doesn't seem to be fixed, even though I had a mod that effected coupons, and it wasn't the cause when I went vanilla.

Any fixes out there? Don Babilon. Posts: 6, Thanks: in 8 Posts 8 Achievements. We actually had this a few weeks ago in Sims3 Discussions, so I'm reposting what I wrote there: Quote:. I now have another problem. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to fix it?

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I didn't see your original. The Game of Thrones-like expansion for the Sims 3 released just yesterday. The next Sims 3 expansion wont' release until late October.

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Now bigger and better, Sims 3 simulates the whole town! Explore more places, discover untapped areas, make new friends, and get a life! Sims 3 has taken the Sims franchise to a different level. Customize everything from the appearance and personality of your character, to the building and landscapes of the whole town. The Sims 3 characters seem to have bigger bladders as they only need to use the toilet once or twice a day, making you focus on the more important aspect of the game.

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