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Some reviews in french said that the drying wasn't that good or it took soo long to dry. Well Sharp is actually owned by Foxconn who make the iPhones for apple amongst loads of other things - however it looks like the brand has been licensed in the EU for use by Vestel - who make Sanyo , Hitachi rebranded stuff Seems like a cheap rebadge job There is no 'real' Sharp anymore just like Hitachi, jvc, Philips just to name a few! You do realise they were pointing out that this was a washer dryer rather than a washing machine.

Which they were thanked for Surely everyone is in the comment sections for there own reason and whether it's your opinion that this deal is good its not personal should someone else have a different opinion. Also at no point did they allude to leser brands and what is painfully obvious to one clearly isn't to all seeing as the person they helped seemed quite happy.

I have no experience of this particular model, however if you are looking for a washing machine I would recommend you get a washing machine. This is a washer dryer, which is an option if you don't have the space for separates.

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If you have the space for separates I would recommend you get separates that fit your budget. Being able to wash one load while drying another can cut laundry times in half! I can still get it.

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Can anyone comment. With Bush, it depends on the item as they subcontract to several Chinese or Turkish manufacturers. For example, the Bush integrated fridge freezer is manufactured by Vestel in Turkey. The identical product can be found under the Servis, Bendix, Sharp and possibly Baumatic too. With washing machines, my advice is to get the hottest deal on an LG and chances are you'll get a decade's worth of hassle free laundry coupled with great performance.

The 5 year isn't with JL, its a manufacturer warranty on this model and is claimable if bough from other retailers as well. So the 5 year warranty with JL isn't worth anything? I didn't actually mean John himself would nip out - twas a joke since he's been dead almost years. Now paid, lovely! Had to wait a long while but at least it paid without the need to write letters etc. Samsung need to address the issues that others have faced. Further email received to say payment has now been made and will hit my account in 5 working days.

The end is finally in sight! Thanks for letting me know. I had an email yesterday saying payment would be within 30 days, thank you for your patience. So at least it sounds thy have accepted it and will be paying out. I received my validation email on 8th September saying they would be paying me within 30 days, still not received it!

I called them Monday and they confirmed they will still be paying me, but they have a backlog of payments to make still. It will do yes.. Instructions are downloadable on LG's website if you need to be sure. Little more information from the last eBay code day. I bought from AO via Ebay. I wouldn't recommend it if you have to pin down timescales or anything like that as you have to use Ebay chat for comms not phone- it's 24hrs for a response.

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Incidentally the 'geezer' who AO supplied to install it was hard work. He said he didn't steal from my property weird.. Basically put a downer on the what should have been a good experience. Also later discovered he put a scratch down the side of it when installing. Not registered for the warranty yet can't see it being an issue. Did have to "request" my invoice from AO which shouldn't be necessary, but was a button click and instant email.

Can you tell I'm not impressed with AO? I bought a manual level I've redone the legs enough times now I don't think it's going to get much better.

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I had to increase one leg much more than the others and I wondered if that could be an issue, but looking at the base of the washer at full spin it looks solid, glance up the machine and you see the vibration more obvious. This and considering reports on Youtube etc suggests to me the chassis of the washer is flexing, the absorbers aren't optimal taking the forces in the drum. To be fair my old Miele had a solid steel chassis so maybe my expectations were too high. I just find it disconcerting that I can feel vibrations through my solid tiled!

I can see two parts of the washer moving apart from each other when looking closely! I suspect LG would say it's normal. BTW, LG can supposedly be a bit slow when it comes to repairs. Like, might be within days, but you might wait weeks. Something else to factor in. Worst thing though is this goddamn rubbery smell. I'm highly sensitive to smells, but it's pretty obvious clothes dried in the machine are coming out with a burnt rubbery smell.

I used lower temp drying it's marginally better. Hoping this fades but 10 days in it's the same.

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Otherwise the machine is great. Manual not great but simple to use. Clear display. Don't touch the dial to use for spin or dry only. Washing results are very good indeed! Drying is great too, some creasing. Everything comes out feeling soft fluffy and clean. I'm going to put in a complaint in about these two issues tomorrow and I'm contemplating a return, but on balance I'll probably keep it.

Maybe I'll post a video of the vibration? Wow I wrote a lot there.. Did you manage to register for the 5 year warranty ok. Buying from Argos eBay? Did you get vibration sorted? I've only just got machine But this is definitely standard size in every aspect.

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More Info. The Hoover Dynamic Next Advance looks outstanding with attention to detail given to every aspect. It comes complete with One Touch technology offers a clever solution that works Dettol washing machine cleaner kills Product Detail :Dimensions Product Detail :Dimensions: 85cm H Built around a 6kg capacity stainless Residues dirt and limescale can harm the functioning and performance of the washing machine. The unique formula with Activated Carbon releases and captures residues which are What you need to consider when looking for a washing machine Practical considerations.

One of the key factors in your decision will be space.